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Table Of Contents

Coffee Musings - Coffee Gone To Far
- Costarica Coffee Review
Cake O'The World - Kopi Luwak (Coffee)
- Lilo & Stitch Review
- Rich Guy Magazine
- 5 Things Jill Hates
Adventures in Suburbia - Attack of the Cafe Clones
The Caffiend - Minty Fresh Expresso

Jack Can Be Lazy

    Looks like we is a little late. Your pals Jack and Mr. Pants spent last weekend driving fast through the snows of Peterborough Ontario. We took part in a very legal Navigational Road Rally, which went from 11pm Saturday night to 9am Sunday morning.

    Suffice it to say, old Jack was just not in any shape to throw together a fabulous issue of Coffee Club Online. Instead, sleeping was the main concern. Not to mention I was so slacky, that I didn't even write my articles in time.

    Oh well. This of course does not change the fact that this weeks issue is chalk full of reading goodness with a little bit of poop thrown in. Hope you all like it.

Coffee Resources

How To Brew Coffee
Cleaning Your Pot
Roasting In A Popper

Can You Write?

    We'd like to extend an invitation to anyone for coffee inspired writings. If you are interested, and would like to contribute some of your rantings and ravings, please send it in.

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