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Godliness Is Next To Cleanliness

8 Steps For Clean Coffee

     There comes a time, usually a week or two, that you need to clean the coffee maker. Coffee leaves plenty of oils on the plastic surfaces and on the glass pot itself. These oils go stale and that affects the flavour of your coffee. What should be done?

     If you could be so kind to turn to the care and maintenance section of the instruction booklet that came with your coffee maker. What? You don't know where it is? Did you even read it? I hope for your sake you at least cleaned the pot before you used it the first time. In case you have lost, we brink you easy to follow instruction.

So, here's how it goes coffee hounds, 8 easy steps:

1. Check to see if your coffee maker is dirty. If you use it once a day, its best to clean it weekly.

2. Run a full pot of half vinegar/half water through your coffee maker. You can repeat this step if you like, but its recommended you use a new batch of cold water and vinegar.

3. Run clean cold water through the pot. Repeat until vinegar smell fades. Usually 3 or 4 times.

4. Clean filter basket with soapy water. Might be an idea to let it soak.

5. Clean pot with soapy water. (Let soak optional)

6. Clean pot lid. Don't forget this step. The lid picks up a lot of oils.

7. Clean the water reservoir. Clean cloth, to get any water deposit build up.

8. Clean Exterior of coffee maker.

The Bonus Step:

Once a year, run some CLR through it to get rid of lime build up in the internal piping.

    That's it. 8 easy steps to cleaning your coffee maker. It might have a bit of bite left from the vinegar for the first few pots, but that will go away. You could just cycle more clean water through it if you want, but lets not get crazy. Some recommend filling your coffee pot with soapy water in between your brew cycles. Just leave it sitting next to the sink, so you can rinse it at moments notice to brew up a new batch.

    You must clean your coffee maker for the best tasting coffee. Do it at least twice a month, if not once a week. The best part is...your coffee maker will love you for it, and it'll last longer too. What do you have to lose? A bit of bacteria maybe?

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