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Bellissimo Café
3814 Yonge St.

    Located on a trendy strip of Yonge St. between Sheppard Ave and Finch Ave, you will find Bellissimo Café. From the outside it has a bit of a sandwich shop look with lots of signs to inform you of the varied coffee treats that await you inside, but it does sport a tiny patio, which ain't all bad.

    The interior is clean and the comfortable chairs and donut shop like tables are spaced out pretty well. On one side u will find a wall of mugs, all for sale at rather inflated prices. On the other side is a huge assortment of Tea's and other drinkables. Above, there are two TV's which were playing MuchMusic whilst we drank our brew.

    The menu includes many a dessert, with lots of fresh fruits and real whip cream. The selection of cakes, on the other hand are slightly lacking, but this coffee shop makes up for it by preparing a lot of their desserts as you order. We were not so impressed with the somewhat MTV crowd atmosphere, but the 'school girls' did indeed impress, if ever so slightly.

Can You Say Huge

Chocolate Sin

    Then there came this monstrous piece of cake. As mentioned, the selection was pretty thin, just tree cakes in the display, but this one caught our eye. It's arrival produced both gasps and embarrassment. We looked around to see if anyone was laughing.

    We here at Coffee Club have run into some pretty big slices in our time, but we feel that no one should get a slice this big. It just seems impossible for one person to eat, and we have our doubts about how big a dent two people would make.

    Was it good? The fresh fruit was a treat drizzled with chocolate syrup and the whip cream was fresh made, not canned. At first bite the cake was pretty good, but as one progressed thru the slice, one found it getting mighty sweet and frosted. We would put this slice between alright and good.

What About The Coffee Jack?

Coffee Selection:

House Blend: Oh we liked this one very much. It taste real fresh, just the right strength, and yummy. It remined me of the Royal Blend at Second Cup.