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Weasel Poop Coffee

    Yup, that's right. You are not seeing thing. The title really does say Weasel Pop Coffee. Now in reality, it is an animal native to the Sumatra and Java, and only sort of resembles a weasel.

    One of its favorite treats is the ripest reddest coffee berries it can get its little paws around. It knows its coffee only going for the choicest beans, and with a passion that is quite understood by those here and Coffee Club Online. In the end, it can only digest the exterior of the coffee cherry, leaving the one or two bean interior in tidy little pile, usually in a preferred location.

    Well who cares, you might ask, and it would be a good question. Every farmer has to deal with pests of some kind, but these industrious or perhaps overworked and underpaid farmers don't let the digested beans go to waste. With a sort of genius, they roast it, and package it for $300/pound. Yup. If you have not seen the signs for the end of the world, I am sure this has to be one of them.

    Now Jack has tried a lot of coffee beans, some bad, some good, and some very very good. Jack understand that good coffee is hard to come by, and that Jack has to pay a little bit more for tasty yummy beans. Sure, but there has to be a line somewhere, and without much remorse, the line stops at anus beans.

    This is a special treat for those people with to much money, and to much time on their hands. For those that think it might be cool to savour the flavours of exotic animal entrails. Much like caviar, which is rather rare fishy tasting cumless fish eggs, Jack thinks Weasel poop coffee beans should stay on the forest floor.

    Then again, maybe it's just a way for the coffee farming natives to get their piece of the huge coffee pie. They work hard, they get little, and if it really is a joke on the coffee drinking world, then I raise my cup to the genius who sold the first bag of Weasel Poop Coffee.

Here here!

Costarica Coffee

    Jack is always on the lookout for a good deal when it comes to coffee. A few issues ago I review a Jamaican Blue Mount Blend coffee from National Coffee Brand Inc. It was really good coffee, and given a chance I'd buy it again. Reasonably priced and tasty to the last drop.

    It just so happens, this company sells plenty of other bean blends, and this time around I grabbed a big 1LB bag of Costarica Coffee. It says right on the package, that it's an easy drinking coffee and many people think it has the best blend of flavours and tastes.

    The beans smelled great in the bag, a little less smell then I would have liked though. I think they were a little stale, because the flavours lasted about a week in the fridge before it started to change. Most coffee keeps its flavour for about a week or two depending on the bean.

    When ground it had a burnt earthy smell with hints of liquer and spicy meat, all good things, take my word for it. The brew had good flavour, but we found it to be a bit on the bland side. The earthiness was evident, but lacked body, there was little or no top end flavour. This might be a good thing, but since the earthy tones where so muted, it made the coffee taste quite flat. Still drinkable though, and slightly better then average.

    National Coffee Brands Inc, obviously uses blends of beans from good and not so good plantations. It makes for cheaper coffee at the checkout, but it also means there is a chance a particular blend may not appeal to everyone.

    It was ok overall, but ok does not cut it for everyday use, because I could really see getting annoyed by what this blend is missing. Perhaps if it where a fresher bag, I would have had a better time. Then again, your only as strong as your weakest link and this bag of beans was pretty weak.