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4 Steps For Good Coffee

First Step: Water temperature.

You would think that a drip coffee maker is built from ground up to give u the right brew temperature, but that isn't really true. You wonder why your gourmet coffee just doesn't taste as good as it did in the café, it's because if the brewing temperature..

Second Step: Good coffee.

Usually that comes in the shape of a bean, and ideally, it should have been roasted not more then 5 days before you bought it. Obviously, roasting green beans in your own kitchen will get you the best taste, but we'll try and keep this realistic.

Third Step: You need to grind your beans.

There are two types of grinders, one using a blade and one using two metal plates that spin and mill the beans . In my experience, the mill or spur type grinders give you the best flavour. The blade grinder tends to impart its own flavour, giving your varied expensive beans a more homogenized flavour. For your drip coffee maker you fine grind your beans. For your French press/bodum, you course grind your beans.

Fourth Step: Measuring your coffee.

Get yourself a coffee scoop, which is equivalent to a heaping tablespoon. (Now there is a magical measurement, heaping table spoon my ass.) Measure out 1 scoop for every 2 cups labeled on the side of your coffee pot. If your coffee maker is a 10cup, and you want to make a full pot, then use 5 scoops of coffee. Some also enjoy adding 1 for the pot, so the above formula will be 5 scoops + 1 for the pot. Both work, one is a bit stronger, and you will have the bestest cup of coffee ever!

That's it. That's all there is. Simple, isn't it. Don't be scared of your coffee. Don't be scared to make the coffee. If the coffee at the office taste like crap, see if making it yourself changes anything. If you are stuck with a luke warm coffee maker, not much can be done, ‘‘cept maybe bringing in your own. Hope this helps. Now, get outta here and make some coffee!

Happy brewing.

Jack spends his time in a box.